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Rejuvenate Your Aging and Damaged Skin with Morpheus8 If you have an interest in minimally invasive rejuvenation treatments, chances are you’ve heard of Morpheus8, one of the hottest new laser treatments available. This revolutionary skin rejuvenation treatment is helping people bring out their best skin without dangerous surgeries or chemicals.

Morpheus8 utilizes fractional radio frequency (RF) technology. It transmits heat deep into the skin with the ability to target any area of the body.

Shannon Callan of Sol Aesthetics considers Morpheu8 one of the most popular treatments in her practice. She is committed to only using therapies that are minimally or non-invasive that deliver natural-looking results.

Let’s dive deeper into this therapy and see why it is becoming an increasingly popular anti-aging solution.

Why Consider Morpheus8

The natural aging process and damage from the sun and other factors can make you look older. As the body ages, it loses its natural ability to generate elastin and collagen. These essential proteins accomplish a variety of functions throughout the body including preventing our skin from acquiring wrinkles, spots, droopiness, and puffiness.

Traditional options to improve aging and damaged skin have included invasive cosmetic surgeries and harsh chemicals. These are risky and can end up damaging the skin. Plus, they may give you an unnatural appearance with very short-lived results. Some therapies leave you with a fake plastic look, which is far from natural youthfulness.

A safer and more effective option is a revolutionary laser therapy approved by the FDA as an anti-aging treatment. It is a great alternative to correct fine lines and wrinkles, blemishes, and sagging skin. It provides patients with a glowing and youthful complexion of the face and body while experiencing no downtime.

Our appearance can greatly affect our confidence and how we carry on in life. This therapy provides longer-lasting results leaving the skin with a naturally bright and healthy appearance. It gives you the freedom to do anything you want in life without the concern of unattractive skin.

How Does the Morpheus8 Treatment Work?

Morpheus8 combines microneedles with radio frequency energy to deeply penetrate the skin. The treatment reaches tissues much more deeply than microneedling can do on its own. The treatment results in the stimulation of elastin and collagen. In addition, the heat from the fractional RF waves contours the skin and shrinks fat cells.

After regular treatments, you will be able to notice the improvement of sagging skin, lines and wrinkles, age spots, and hyperpigmentation. Because of the creation of new elastin and collagen along with the reshaping and sculpting of adipose (fat) tissue, the skin will look tighter, firmer, and lifted.

A great advantage of choosing this therapy is that it works at the cellular level. It promotes the body’s natural abilities to heal and regenerate the skin. It is an accessible new medical technology for anti-aging that is taking over the health and beauty industry.

What Can I Expect From Morpheus8 ?

When choosing this therapy as a skin tightening and rejuvenating treatment, you will start to see changes only after the first session. The process begins with a comprehensive consultation by your provider Shannon Callan,. She will explain your options and determine which therapy is the most appropriate for you.

The first session starts with cleaning the skin to make sure it is clear of any products, makeup, etc. Although the procedure is not painful, we will use a numbing cream to ensure you are the most comfortable. The applicator is glided on the skin while fast needles penetrate the area and high radio frequency heat waves are emitted. The process lasts approximately 30 to 45 minutes depending on the size of the area or the number of areas being treated.

When the procedure is completed, you can expect a recovery of about one week for the skin to fully heal. You may experience normal mild redness, swelling, or irritation that can last one day or two. You will notice your skin appearing plumper immediately, but the complete transformation will be seen in approximately three weeks.

Your skin will continue to regenerate for up to three months post-treatment. Results are not permanent, but they are visible for a significant amount of time. A maintenance treatment is recommended every 3 to 6 months depending on the patient’s condition, lifestyle, and skin type.

How Many Morpheus8 Treatments Do I Need?

To achieve the best results, we usually recommend 1 to 3 sessions depending on your skin type and other factors. To achieve better and longer-lasting results, your provider Shannon may recommend combining various treatments.

Each patient is assessed individually and provided a customized treatment plan. As each person is unique, it is important to use a tailored approach.

Does the Therapy Have Risks or Side Effects?

All procedures have potential risks and side effects, but because this therapy is gentle and minimally invasive, patients can expect no or very mild side effects. Some people may experience minimal swelling and redness, especially after your first session.

Your provider, Shannon Callan is careful with her instruments choosing the lowest possible setting to achieve desired results. While some are not conservative in their approach and may cause damage to the skin. Although rare, some patients can experience irritation, bumps, bruising, or oozing. These symptoms should resolve in a few hours or sometimes days.

To avoid complications, it is important to choose a knowledgeable provider that has extensive experience with all skin types.

What Conditions Can I Improve?

This particular treatment is an effective therapy for all skin tones and types. This is important to know when you have a darker skin tone as various treatments can damage the pigmentation of the skin. Some patients with darker skin can be resistant to radio frequency treatments, but that is not the case with this therapy, which is one of the reasons why it is becoming so popular.

The effectiveness of Morpheus8 is ideal for the following concerns:

Enlarged pores


Sun Damage and Age Spots


Stretch Marks

Uneven Skin Tone

Sagging skin including jowls

Under eye puffiness and bags

During your initial consultation, You will be asked questions to determine if you have any medical conditions or skin disorders. Also, if you are on any medications, have allergies, or are pregnant.

Start Your Morpheus8 Experience

If you are interested in this therapy, you will be glad to know how easy it is to start treatments. If you are a good candidate, Your provider at Sol Aesthetics will provide you with a comprehensive treatment plan that details the results you can expect.

As each individual has unique skin and specific concerns, our expert Shannon Callan,creates a customized therapy program specifically designed for your goals, special conditions, and skin type. She only recommends treatments that are compatible with you. Therefore, you can be at ease knowing that you are receiving the safest and most effective therapies. Call our team at Sol Aesthetics to schedule your initial consultation with Shannon Callan and see if you are a good candidate for Morpheus8.