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Why Jeaveau is Becoming More Popular Than Botox

We are seeing an increasing number of alternatives in the rejuvenating injectables market. Recently, the FDA approved a new alternative to Botox called Jeaveau. It is the first injectable neurotoxin to be approved by the FDA after about 10 years. This innovative product is among the recognized brands approved by the FDA along with Xeomin, Dysport, and the ever notable Botox. Only these four injectables are FDA-approved products to treat expression and frown lines such as brow furrows and crow’s feet.

Here at Sol Aesthetics Skin Beauty, as many innovative treatments reach mainstream, we are consistently finding the best options to add to our skin rejuvenation menu. One of the most popular treatments in Jeaveau. These are some of the reasons why Jeaveau has become more popular than Botox.

1. Effective Results

As Botox, Xeomin, and Dysport, Jeaveau is used as an injectable made from botulinum toxin type A. It is directly injected into the particular facial muscle that is causing unwanted expression lines. This medication temporarily blocks nerve impulses to the muscle so that it relaxes while smoothing out lines and wrinkles.

2. Jeaveau is Made in a Unique Way

Most injectable neurotoxins available to patients have slightly different formulas. The unique factor that makes Jeuveau stand out from the rest is its purification process. With the use of its proprietary formula, Jeaveau’s manufacturers use “Hi Pure” technology to maximize the quality of the product by vacuum-drying the formula instead of freeze-drying it. This method allows the product to become more potent when injected into the skin.

3. Jeuveau’s Name Comes from the Word Nouveau in French

Jeuveau’s manufacturers wanted to highlight the fact that the product is made with innovative techniques using state-of-the-art technology for an effective and safe injectable. The word nouveau in French means “modern” or “new.” Jeuveau is a hybrid word that combines the meaning of rejuvenation and innovation. The product also goes by the name “NEWTOX” which combines “new” and “botox”.

Since Jeuveau is a little challenging to spell and pronounce, people have adopted the popular name “NEWTOX.” So, whenever you see any information about NEWTOX in the media, you know they are referring to Jeuveau.

4. Jeuveau was Designed Exclusively for Glabellar Lines

This innovative new injectable has been recognized as the only FDA-approved product to treat glabellar lines. Different from Botox, which began as a medication to treat eye muscle spasms and has other therapeutic uses, Jeuveau was specifically designed for cosmetic improvements. Frown lines or glabellar lines are effectively treated along with similar conditions including brow furrows, crow’s feet, and other expression lines.

5. You can Expect to See Results in Only Days

When using Jeaveau, you can see immediate results that are noticeable in only a few days. The full result is seen in one week and you can expect the effect to last an average of four months. Each patient is unique and results do vary according to the person. This feature puts Jeaveau in direct competition with Botox, which is why it is becoming so popular.

6. Jeuveau is Similar in Price to Botox

Another feature that puts Jeuveau in direct competition with Botox is its cost. Practitioners typically price Jeuveau similar to Botox giving patients costs per treatment according to particular areas. Both the manufacturers of Jeuveau and Botox provide special promotions throughout the year as we also do here at Sol Aesthetics.

7. A New Product is Worth Exploring

Although you may be very satisfied with the results you’ve achieved with other injectables, the innovative formula Jeaveau is worth giving a try. Once you become familiar with the effects various injectables have on your skin, you might prefer one over another. Since technology is evolving and Jeaveau was specifically designed for cosmetic purposes, it is certainly worth trying out!

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