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Inmode Laser

Inmode Laser Treatments

InMode is one of the most cutting-edge developers in the cosmetic world. They have created laser treatments that can help with everything from hair removal to body contouring. This technology has been used to create non-invasive cosmetic procedures and to improve current cosmetic procedures.

Here at Sol Aesthetics, we offer several different InMode Optimas laser treatments. The Optimas suite treats skin discoloration, removes hair, and offers contouring options. The right one for you will depend on your needs and goals.

The key to the Optimas Morpheus treatment is collagen. Collagen is responsible for the elasticity of your skin. But as time goes on, you lose your collagen, and your body doesn’t replace it as quickly. That’s what leads to the sagging and wrinkles you develop naturally.

You can also use Optimas Forma technology on basically any part of your face or body. This laser technology heats the lower layers of your skin, helping to stimulate collagen production. 

InMode Optimas Morpheus8

The InMode Optimas Morpheus8 tool is a safe, minimally-invasive tool that can remodel your collagen. It is often used for contouring and rejuvenating collagen. Unlike surgical procedures, the InMode Optimas Morpheus8 doesn’t require any cutting or downtime.

Morpheus8 works by penetrating into the subdermal tissue, the lowest layer of your skin. It can treat both the face and the body by making the skin more elastic.

Laser treatments like the Morpheus8 stimulate the lowest layer of your skin to increase collagen production. Your body creates more collagen at the site, causing your skin to tighten. The modular tips on the Morpheus8 tool allow your provider to pinpoint both large and small areas on your body.

Another leading benefit of the InMode Optimas Morpheus8 treatment is that there’s little risk of hyperpigmentation. That means that people with darker skin tones don’t need to worry as much about potential thermal damage. Other treatments sometimes cause the body to produce more melanin, darkening the skin tone.

InMode Optimas Forma

The InMode Optimas Forma is a laser treatment that can rejuvenate and smooth the skin. While it doesn’t provide as much dramatic contouring as the Morpheus, it does have great textural effects.

One of the biggest benefits of Forma is that it can be used on delicate parts of the face. If you’re concerned about wrinkles, acne scars, or other imperfections, this tool helps smooth them. It delivers an all-around more uniform appearance of your face.

The radiofrequency heating technology helps your skin to look more youthful. It can smooth out blotches and visible pockmarks. Some people find that the appearance is more natural than one achieved using dermal fillers.

One potential drawback is that Forma technology isn’t ideal for large areas of the body. Instead, it is best used to target small and delicate places. Most patients use it on their face and neck. The Morpheus is more versatile since it can do both large and small procedures.

InMode Optimas IPL

IPL is the abbreviation for Intense Pulsed Light. Also called a photofacial, this treatment helps even your skin texture and tone. The InMode Optimas IPL procedure is done using LUMECCA technology.

LUMECCA is able to completely remove the lesions and pigment from age and sun damage. Rather than contouring, the treatment removes scarring, fine lines, and discoloration.

Like the previous two treatments, InMode Optimas IPL can be used on any portion of the body. However, there are some popular areas for treatment:

  • The face and neck
  • The hands
  • The chest
  • The arms and legs

If you’re concerned about visible age or sunspots, a photofacial might be just what you’re looking for.

The LUMECCA tool doesn’t just work on age-related spots, either. It can also reduce freckles, rosacea, redness, and spider veins. Basically any form of odd pigmentation can be reduced or smoothed with the InMode IPL.

InMode Optimas Diolaze

The InMode Optimas Diolaze is great for hair removal. The laser technology works very similarly to the Morpheus. But instead of focusing on the subdermal layer of skin, the Diolaze focuses on the hair follicle. It penetrates the follicle with so much heat that the follicle is destroyed. Not only is the hair removed, but it also won’t ever grow back again.

This option appeals to people who want a permanent hair removal solution. The InMode Optimas Diolaze has a large potential treatment section. That means that larger amounts of hair can be targeted in the same amount of time. If you want to focus on a large area of your stomach or legs, that’s great news!

Diolaze technology has been shown to be safe for use on skin types 1-4. It can also be used on any part of the body. You can remove hair from your back, stomach, chest, legs, armpits, face, and even more. You can even remove hair from sensitive areas on your body!

Which InMode laser treatment is right for me?

Of the four InMode laser treatments we provide, these are the basics:

The Morpheus will contour and smooth both large and small areas of your body.  The Forma will contour and rejuvenate delicate, small portions of your face and neck. The IPL technology will smooth your skin’s texture and tone, reducing age spots and hyperpigmentation. The Diolaze will permanently remove hair by destroying the follicle, so no more hair grows.

At Sol Aesthetics, we specialize in all of these InMode laser treatments. We proudly serve the South Tampa and Greater Tampa Bay area. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and find out which InMode laser treatment is right for you.