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How Xeomin Works

When we make facial expressions our muscles contract. Over time, this leads to the development of lines around the muscles. These lines grow deeper as you age, since your skin loses some of its elasticity. That means that your skin doesn’t “bounce back” into shape the way it used to

Xeomin is one of several neurotoxins in the botulinum family approved to treat wrinkles. In extremely tiny doses, these materials immobilize the small facial muscles. While this doesn’t impede your ability to smile or frown, Xeomin does relax your face. This then causes the appearance of the wrinkles to soften and fade. When started at a younger age, this can prevent wrinkles from forming over time.

The active ingredient is botulinum toxin type A. Like other botulinum toxins, this treatment works for a few months. Most people see at least three months of effectiveness, and some patients have reported results lasting for up to six months. With any neurotoxin or filler, lifestyle factors influence the longevity of the product. If you are a marathon runner for example, the product
may metabolize faster causing the product to be absorbed. Everyone is different, but we can find the right formula to give you the desired results.

Therapeutic Manufacturing

This medication is unlike any other botulinum toxin product on the market. During the manufacturing process, only the effective ingredient is used. All of the complex and unnecessary proteins are removed. This makes the neurotoxin purer than any other option.
You can discuss the potential risks and benefits with your provider when you schedule a consultation. They’ll be able to help you determine which injection is right for you.

Proven Studies

Before any drug or treatment can be approved by the FDA, it must go through a rigorous testing process. To gain approval, the process must show that the treatment is both safe and effective. The FDA approved Xeomin to use on glabellar lines more than a decade ago, it has been around and erasing the “elevens” for more than 10 years.

Preparing for Xeomin Treatment

Your first step will be to have a consultation with the professionals at Sol Aesthetics who specializes in cosmetic treatment. Together, you’ll discuss your aesthetic goals, your options, and any risks or concerns you might have.

Prior to choosing and scheduling any injectable treatment, you should discuss the following:
● Any prior, current, or recurring medical conditions
● Whether you have any neuromuscular conditions
● Any known allergies or previous reactions to medications
● Any known side effects to botulinum toxin products
● All the prescription medicines, OTC medicines, vitamins, and supplements you take

During your consultation, you and your provider will put together a schedule for your Xeomin injections. You might also discuss combining different anti-aging treatments, like microdermabrasion or derma fillers. We have a full arsenal of all things anti aging. For South Tampa residents, Sol Aesthetics can provide a plan to achieve the best version of you

The Treatment Process

The actual treatment process is relatively quick and painless. It should take around 15 minutes, sometimes less. After cleaning your skin, your provider will inject the medication into your forehead muscles
There isn’t any anesthetic required. But if you’re nervous about the pain, your provider may use a topical cream to numb your skin beforehand. Alternatively, an ice pack can prevent discomfort. We will make sure you are comfortable.


This is one of the fastest-working botulinum toxin injections on the market. While other products typically take weeks to work, Xeomin begins working in less than 7 days on average. Some people report visibly smoother skin within just 3 days.
You should reach the peak of your results after about 30 days. The clinical trials indicated that the injection would last for 3 months. But some patients have reported significantly longer times before their wrinkles return. You may choose to follow up and have another course of treatment after a few months. This can help to prolong the effects of the injectable. When your service at Sol Aesthetics is done, it is our goal that you leave feeling refreshed, natural, glowing, and genuinely cared for.
Those in the Tampa, South Tampa, and St. Petersburg areas can reach out for a consultation. Our mission at Sol Aesthetics is to provide a safe space that dissolves the social stigma associated with this industry. We see self care as part of our self love journey. We look forward to assisting you by giving you the aesthetic look you envision for yourself.