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Smooth Threads

All About Smooth Threads

Sol Aesthetics in South Tampa is devoted to bringing the latest and safest techniques that improve your skin and take years off your appearance. We strive to be at the leading edge of new developments in skincare.

Let’s take a deeper look into the world of threads and why it is known as a safe technique that is helping so many people transform their appearance.

What Are Smooth Threads?

Smooth threads are surgical polydioxanone (PDO) threads that are absorbable. They are used on the face and the body to enhance tissue structure for a more youthful appearance. The innovative technique uses threads that are made of protein and are thinner than hair.

Smooth threads work inside the tissue by creating a mild injury that leads to a healing response that produces an anti-aging effect. Your provider strategically inserts the threads under the skin to cause the body to increase blood flow and produce structural proteins that are at the forefront of the healing process.

These rejuvenating structural proteins include collagen, fibrin, and elastin. The results make your skin plump, younger, and smooth. After the procedure, your skin’s elasticity will return, you will have better skin texture, and your fine lines and wrinkles will improve.

Three Types of Threads:
Mono – Screw/Tornado – Cog

  • Mono Threads: These are designed without barbs for a skin tightening effect. For each treatment area, 10 to 20 mono threads are placed into the skin in a mesh-like pattern. To sustain the lifting effect, the threads are attached to the face or scalp to provide an anchoring point. After they are positioned in place, collagen begins to form around the threads inside the skin. This tightens the skin in areas where sagging normally occurs. These types of threads are mostly used to correct sagging in the neck, under the eyes, and forehead.
  • Screw/Tornado Threads: These types of threads are designed in an intertwined fashion with one or two threads surrounding the inserting needle. It is ideal to achieve more volume where the skin has a sunken appearance. They are commonly used for a general facelift. 
  • Cog Threads are simply mono threads that are designed with barbs to function as a hook that anchors to the tissues under the skin. The barbs function as a support structure that helps you defy gravity by lifting sagging skin. In addition, collagen forms around the barbs to start the rejuvenation process. The jawline is the most ideal area for this type of thread as it has a slimming effect that provides you with the desired V-shape that refines and slims your facial structure.

Why Choose This Type of Treatment

One of the main reasons why clients come to Sol Aesthetics is because our Medspa focuses on the top non-invasive services. We only use treatments that provide noticeable long-lasting results with minimum downtime. We are not against plastic surgery, but we do promote a natural appearance.

With smooth threads, you will attain a youthful appearance while still looking like yourself. It will not be obvious you’ve had work done, instead, you will look refreshed, glowing, and natural.

Additionally, you must know that smooth threads exercise the skin to make it stronger. The skin is stimulated to naturally produce anti-aging responses that improve the quality of your skin as time progresses.

These are common applications:

  • Rejuvenate tired, damaged, dull, and dry skin
  • Transform a crepey texture (thin skin and fine wrinkles like crepe paper)
  • Brighten eye area decreasing the appearance of dark circles
  • Plump and smooth the upper lip
  • Lift the hollows of the cheeks
  • Tighten skin under the chin and around the mouth

Choosing threads is a great option for many patients because of their versatility on the face and body. Plus, it is a painless treatment with a fast recovery that takes very little time to perform.

There is no cookie-cutter approach to health and beauty. We provide a customized treatment plan to each client that includes only the best options in advanced skincare.

We love educating our clients on the variety of anti-aging options available on the market. If you are in the South Tampa area, call us to schedule a consultation.

Additional Benefits

The points below are great to keep in mind as you research various anti-aging therapies.

Advantages of choosing smooth threads:

  • You won’t be at risk for scarring or other complications
  • It is a non-invasive procedure without the need for surgery
  • The procedure can be completed during one session
  • Tighten the appearance of your skin with quick results
  • Smooth out the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Look and feel years younger while still looking natural

Find Out if Smooth Threads Are Right For You

Each client is as unique as our anti-aging therapies. That’s why we take a holistic approach with every client. During your appointment, Shannon will discuss your aesthetic goals and share information on the services that will help you meet and even exceed those goals.